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5500 Collins Ave, Miami Beach , Florida

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From the possibility of a vacation getaway to someone who’s looking for South Beach to be their new home, Miami Beach remains one of the finest places in the world. Located in 5500 Collins Ave, Miami Beach , FL 33140, you are within walking distance of many work class shops, food markets, and anything else you would need. It is like a little bit of New York but with the Miami Beach lifestyle component of course.

Historically Miami Beach was considered a suburb of Miami Beach , but as the downtown area expanded, Miami Beach’s NorthEast adopted high density zoning which allowed the building of high rise apartment and office structures and turned into what you see today as one of the best looking neighborhoods, not just in all of Miami Beach , but the entire United States. The once quiet and serene Miami Beach Miami Beach of the past is now a chic and new city within the city filled with the most incredible Miami Beach Miami Beach luxury condos and high rise buildings. Getting around is easy as Miami Beach is just a few blocks from the train station. The secure garage make owning a vehicle in the city hassle-free. Tower House Miami Beach has shown time and time again that an investment here will show a future return. If you’re looking for a place that’s close to great shopping, fine dining, and the country’s greatest nightlife.